lauantai 12. lokakuuta 2013

10 things i'm afraid of!

hi there!

so, there are many things that i am afraid of.

and i thought, why not some of them with you? ^^

are you ready!? LET'S START !

1. Snakes

i just can't handle them!
i'm going to panic if i see one, even though in finland, we only have one poisoned snake.
fuck you snakes.
you scare me too much.
get out.
thank you.

2. Spiders

same thing with the snakes. even though in finland, there is no big or poisoned spiders.
...ew x___x

3. Horror movies

i am such a pussy.
i can't watch any horror movie.
i always get way too scared!

4. Being left out

i really hate when this happens.
i am very social type, but sometimes i need to be alone.
it doesn't mean that i would like to be alone always!
don't leave me guys ):

5. Someone important dies

i'm really scared that someone, who is important to me, dies.
lately, two teenager in my little forest, have died.
first one got killed violently, and the other died in a brain tumor.
those things woke me up.
i don't want that my lovable people dies</3
they're all mine and no one can take them away from me! )':

6. Drunk people

i always get really scared of drunk people.
especially old drunk men.
here where i live, drunk people tend to shout or even follow you.
maybe that why i'm afraid of them?

7. Being homeless

i can't imagine living without home.
home is a place, where you can relax and be yourself.
you can hang around on pyjamas and do funny stuff.
i just can't live without those days when i can just hang around in home<3

8 Not having a job

i wanna have a job.
without a job, i can't feed my family.
that's why i work hard on school to study, so i can get the career i want!
STUDY PEOPLE even though it's the most boring thing in the world...

9. Cancer/disorders

there is a high risk that i get some kind of like disorder or cancer when i'm old.
i will most probably have memory problems when i get old.
so... yeah, i'm afraid of that.
not funny ;___;

10. I won't die as a happy person

i wanna live my live as a happy and memorable, lovable person.
when i am about to die, i want to think that:
"damn, my life was worth of living. i really made people happy"
it's my life goal.
if i don't succeed on that thing...
i will feel like i haven't done nothing right...

so yeah i hope you enjoyed!
leave me like if you did!

i'm sorry for the lack of posting but...
it's been pretty tough lately.
but i'll see you soon ^^



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